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SyntheBLEND – Protein Meal Replacement


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SyntheBLEND - Protein Meal Replacement

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INGREDIENTS: Body-Building Proteins (whey isolate, whey concentrate, casein, soy isolate), non-fat milk protein, dutch cocoa powder, flavour, ButterBuds Cream Plus, Splenda sweetener (955) – 5lbs (76 oz) 2.275kg container

Usage: Mix 2 heaped tablespoons (30g) in your choice of water or milk. Stir until mixed or use a blender then drink immediately. Have 1-6 servings daily as directed by your nutritional program.

Do you want an awesome tasting shake that covers all your protein needs?

A shake that you can use for muscle gain by adding it to your meals or use it for fat loss by replacing meals with it?

THIS IS IT! Awesome dutch chocolate taste, it mixes instantly in water or milk, with or without a blender, it covers all your protein needs without any bloating, gas or upset stomach!

SyntheBLEND™ is a low fat, proprietary blend of body-building proteins.

SyntheBLEND™ contains proteins from a range of sources, such as whey, casein, soy and milk, to ensure that an athlete’s complete needs are met.

Due to the various proteins included, SyntheBLEND™ quickly replenishes nitrogen stores in hard trained muscles, as well as having a sustained effect, ensuring nitrogen levels are kept high for many hours after consumption.

Each 30g (2 heaped table spoons) serving of SyntheBLEND™ provides 20g of protein, 7.3g of carbohydrates and only 0.7g of fat!

SyntheBLEND™ makes an ideal everyday use protein supplement or meal replacement.


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