About Us

Our Company Profile:

Synthetek Industries was established at the start of 2001..
From a beginning, heavily focused on providing bodybuilding and fitness nutritional products that do work, the company has now positioned itself as the fastest growing nutritional supplement company in the world.

Synthetek Industries quickly established a reputation of trust among bodybuilding and fitness circles, as a company that offers high quality, unique products that deliver visible results.

The company’s fantastic growth and product success is emphasised by the fact that in this short time span, it implemented distribution networks across 12 countries, while its products are highly sought after by bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, the world over.

The company is aggressively marketing its products in numerous bodybuilding and fitness publications across the world, sponsoring competitions, intensive internet marketing and issuing sponsorship contracts to leading professional bodybuilders.

SYNTHETEK INDUSTRIES – providing bodybuilders with the products of the FUTURE!