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FREE Synthergine –  With a Blood Test!

We have a unique offer on our Synthergine – liver protectant that is still going.

We will send you a free bottle of Synthergine if you perform before and after bloodwork when using it.

1. Purchase a bottle of Synthergine.

2. Perform a blood test, checking liver values.

3. Use Synthergine as your only liver aid at directed dose until you finish the bottle

4. Perform another blood test.

If you have high values Synthergine will bring them down.
If you are about to add compounds that may elevate your liver values , Synthergine will keep them from rising.

Not only will you recieve FREE product with this offer, you will actually see if what you are using is working or not.

Conditions: Before and after blood tests cannot be more than 6 weeks apart.